Maartje van de Poel joined Topa Institute in January 2022 as Test Engineer for our Topa Thermal packaging solutions. She is a new graduate of Industrial Product Design with a specialist focus on sustainable packaging.

Maartje is the newest addition to our team of thermal engineers responsible for designing and testing thermal packaging so that they meet the criteria required for transporting pharmaceuticals.

Whilst packaging is something people can find almost anywhere and has high impact on the state of (consumer) products, Maartje feels it doesn’t get public attention – unless it’s about having a negative influence on the environment. So being involved in testing and designing this product is incredibly important to her – learning how it does what it does, while helping customers to deliver their product in the best state manageable.

“I am enthusiastic to be working on thermal packaging design projects that have such an important application for medicine distribution and to part of an organisation that also offers opportunities to learn and grow.”

Maartje is just as busy outside of work with diverse interests including playing table top games with friends, learning fencing and reading (lots of) books, as well as turning her hand to embroidery, baking or costume making.

My Favourite Innovator

Frederick II of Prussia. Not really an inventor but definitely an innovator. He pulled off one of the best marketing strategies I know of, to introduce potatoes to the people. If it wasn’t for him potatoes would likely never have been as popular in Europe as they are today!

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