Joining Topa Thermal in 2022 as Customer Service Representative, Chella Zandbergen brings with her noteworthy international experience and an unfazed attitude when it comes to customer-facing situations.

Chella works collaboratively and proactively with the sales team to ensure a seamless order management process and on-time deliveries of thermal packaging products to our healthcare customers and partners.

To Chella, it is important to support the continued growth of a close-knit, customer-centric company that values the benefits of customer service – a business that believes customer service is more than just order processing. And from a personal perspective, working at Topa Thermal means flexibility and reactivity, and working closely with colleagues and customers.

After several years working in locations around Europe, Chella feels she has ‘come home’ at Topa Thermal. She can even cycle to work!

“I very much believe in honesty, equality and inclusion and helping each other. In my work I try to treat everyone how I would like to be treated.”

Favourite Innovators

The Wright Brothers – because they helped make it possible to travel far from home.

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