As Senior Customer Service Representative, Léda’s unflappable, proactive work style means she brings structure and clarity to the order process. Working with customers, logistics carriers and production colleagues, she tries to analyse and identify order trends, taking a forward-thinking approach to any issues that might occur.

Creating good relationships, knowing your customers well and listening to them is very important. For Léda, it’s exciting to be part of a growing business where there are lots of possibilities and opportunities to build awareness of Topa Thermal products.

Born of a Hungarian mother and Bulgarian father, Léda has learnt a lot about different cultures. She is also interested in what motivates people, how people react in different situations and therefore how you can approach and help people in different ways.

Outside work you might see Léda dancing, walking in the dunes taking a sauna or even winter swimming. According to Léda, your body might hurt with the cold – but you feel alive, like nothing else on earth!

“It’s important to be quick acting when needed, but it’s essential to plan and take a proactive approach. Sometimes ‘no’ is also an answer. It brings clarity – to know what is and isn’t possible.”

My favourite innovator

Oprah Winfrey – I really like how she approaches people when she interviews them. She really tries to understand them, what influences them, what they want out of life. Everybody has an interesting story to tell.

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