As Technical Solution Manager, Maarten is our resident thermal packaging ‘Superhero’! His mission? As the technical counterpart for our Account Managers, and with a background combining mechanical engineering and business administration, he works tirelessly to find new ways to innovate, generate ideas and problem solve.

Maarten understands that with the ever-changing world of logistics, high transport costs and a world climate of increasing extremes, pharmaceutical companies need guidance and expertise from thermal packaging suppliers such as Topa Thermal to protect their temperature sensitive products during shipping.

For Maarten it’s vitally important that every solution has the “right fit”. Sometimes this might be a specific product, such as one of our pre-qualified Connex parcel packaging range. Or sometimes this is a change in a customer’s procedures.  So, every project starts with a lot of questions.

As well as continually looking to reduce the CO2 impact of our business and products, Maarten and the Technical team always consider the total cost of ownership. They look at the total costs involved, not only packaging material costs. This includes packing time and design simplicity, size of packaging as well as optimizing packaging for last mile distribution.

Outside of work, it’s sport that is Maarten’s passion – from race biking, running and swimming to ice skating, rollerskating and snowboarding – the list goes on!

“We produce too much waste. I want to take initiatives to reduce the amount of waste we produce. So, I am always looking at ways to optimise insulated shipping solutions for our customers.”

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