As Product Director, Richard leads the product development and marketing teams, working to ensure we develop and bring to market the most effective thermal packaging solutions. With a career in the thermal packaging industry spanning 20 years, his energy and enthusiasm for all things PCM is infectious. So much so you can almost see it running through his veins!

Richard passionately believes it is possible to have the right solution for your specific requirement, every single time. Every new thermal packaging solution we introduce must be the most flexible for the client. This of course means more work for us as a supplier but ultimately helps our customers bring their pharmaceuticals to market faster – and with far fewer worries.

Learning through shared unique experiences is also important for Richard. He feels fortunate to have been given the opportunity to run training programmes for the PDA (Parenteral Drug Association), speaks at industry events about Best Practice and has co-authored several industry technical reports.

And when he’s not at work? As a self-confessed table-top gaming geek Richard enjoys nothing more than sitting around a table with friends and family, rolling dice.

“It shouldn’t be the burden of the customer to make compromised choices or settle for an ‘almost right’ thermal packaging solution.

My Favourite Innovator

Sir Timothy Berners-Lee – Inventor of the World Wide Web. Tim’s vision of the web was to create a collaborative space for openness and creativity, where you can communicate through sharing information. This speaks very much to how I strive to do just this in all aspects of my life, whether teaching my children to ride a bicycle or working with our users to understand their challenges, to bring the most effective solutions to the market.

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