With a degree in Industrial Product Design and further studies in Packaging Design, Wout’s middle names are ‘efficiency’ and ‘accuracy’! Responsible for new product development, planning and procedures for thermal test projects at our Testing & Innovation Centre, Topa Institute, Wout also provides important additional technical support to our Customer Service department for all technical aspects of thermal packaging and testing.

For Wout, whether a project is “from scratch” or client-specific, the performance of the end solution is key. It must be as efficient, optimised and easy to use as possible. With the broad spectrum of challenges faced by the pharmaceutical cold chain industry, every client has their own needs and requests. Topa Thermal is a ‘total solution provider’ and Wout works closely with colleagues and clients to accurately define these needs and find the optimal solution.

With climate change and global healthcare equality such big challenges of our time, Wout believes we all play a role, however small. He’s proud therefore to be implementing new solutions that not only decrease total carbon footprint through dimensional optimisation, material choices and reusability but that also contribute to the safe distribution of healthcare around the world.

What he likes most about working at Topa is the combination of creative freedom and the thrill of the next-day test results of our real-time thermal tests. 

If I design a thermal solution that must protect its product load for three days and I test it on Friday, I’ll have the results on Monday. It can be an exciting start to the week!

My Favourite Innovator

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Where would we be without computers and the ability to access a vast library of information, sharing knowledge and ideas to better ourselves? Leibniz was one of the most famous and avant-garde mathematicians of the 17th century and is attributed as inventing the current binary number system. The worldwide web would probably not exist without this system.

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