Topa Thermal Connex Overwrap supports sustainability in the life science supply chain

Voorhout, NL – [5 October, 2022] – Topa Thermal was honoured to take part in last week’s 7th BSMA Europe Conference on September 29, 2022, in La Hulpe, Belgium. The annual event highlights innovations in the life sciences supply chain. Themes for 2022 included sustainability and improving the impact on CO2 emissions.

Nominations for this year’s BSMA Sustainability Supply Chain Award included Topa Thermal’s new thermal packaging system for transporting bulk pharmaceuticals. °Connex OVERWRAP is a new insulated shipping system designed to reduce CO2 impact and offers advantages for biopharmaceutical manufacturers and 3rd party distributors, particularly when using airline networks.

“Compared to existing temperature-controlled packaging systems on the market, °Connex OVERWRAP has equal performance, but is much smaller and lighter ”, says Maarten Kleverlaan, technical solution manager, Topa Thermal.

Richard Harrop, Topa Thermal’s product director explains: “Because of its size-efficient design, essentially you only need 4 planes instead of 5 to transport the same amount of product. It’s therefore much more CO2 efficient and of course saves on freight costs too.”

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“Because of its size-efficient design, simply put, you only need 4 planes instead of 5 to transport the same amount of product. °Connex OVERWRAP is therefore much more CO2 efficient and saves on freight costs too.” Richard Harrop, product director, Topa Thermal.

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Topa Thermal BV is a full service supplier of distribution systems for temperature-sensitive products, providing safe, reliable and cost-effective thermal packaging and aid access to medicines, vaccines and related healthcare products for patients around the world. All Topa Thermal’s packaging design and qualification is undertaken at their state-of-the-art ISTA certified test centre – Topa Institute – in the Netherlands. The company achieved climate neutral status in May 2022.

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