At Topa Thermal, we know all about keeping things cool. As experts in thermal packaging, we protect vaccines, medicines and other precious and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals as they are shipped all around the world.

So, if the sun is beating down on you today, we know it’s important to look after yourself correctly too. So that you can enjoy the weather, without overheating.

Here are Topa Thermal’s top 11 tips for keeping cool.

1.     Body temperature – Maintain a constant body temperature to avoid dehydration and heatstroke. To function properly the body needs to keep at a core temperature of around 37°C.

2.     Cold shower – a cold shower before bed will help cool you down and help you sleep.

3.     Summer bedding – replace your winter duvet with a thinner duvet or sheet.

4.     Frozen PJs – put your pyjamas in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime!

5.     Close windows & draw curtains – keep windows and curtains closed during the day to keep hot air out. Open them up at night when the temperature has dropped and create a cooling cross-breeze through the house.

6.     Dress for the weather. Wear loose, comfortable clothing & breathable footwear to let your body breathe. And avoid black clothing. Light colours reflect the heat.

7.     Make an ice fan. Put a bowl of ice and cold water in front of your fan, so that the air blows across it.

8.     Cool your wrists. Running cold water on the pulse points of your wrists or use an ice pack on your wrists to bring down your body temperature and cool you down.

9.     Keep your head covered. Protect your head from the sun and a wide-brimmed hat will give you extra shade.

10.  Stay hydrated – keep drinking water throughout the day, wherever you may be. Water is vital for keeping your body cool so don’t wait until you feel thirsty.

11.  Don’t forget your pets! They need lots of water and shade too. Don’t walk dogs on hot concrete as it can burn their pads. And never leave them in the car.