• Why proper coolant conditioning matters
  • Why freezing a single coolant pack takes longer than conditioning a case of coolant packs or a pallet load
  • Download our handy coolant pack conditioning guide to improve your temperature-controlled pharma distribution

coolant conditioning: Guide to conditioning coolpacks from Topa Thermal


Properly conditioned coolant packs play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals during transit. Whether you’re shipping vaccines or critical medications, understanding the freezing times for water-based coolant packs is essential for effective logistics planning.

Optimising Pharma Distribution: Coolant Prep Guide

Why Proper Coolant Conditioning Matters

  1. Consistent Product Temperature: Correctly conditioned coolant packs ensure that products remain within the recommended cold chain temperature range inside insulated containers. Even minor temperature fluctuations can impact product efficacy.
  2. Logistical Efficiency: Well-conditioned coolant packs maximize logistical efficiency by minimizing delays and ensuring timely packing and shipping.
  3. Business Optimisation: Optimised coolant conditioning contributes to smoother operations and better overall business processes.

Coolant Freezing Times

  • Single Coolant Pack: Freezing a single coolant pack takes longer than conditioning a case of coolant packs or a pallet load. The exact time varies based on environmental conditions.
  • Lab Conditions vs. Real-World Environment: Keep in mind that the freezing times mentioned in the guide were produced under lab conditions. Your own facility’s environment may differ, so conducting tests is essential.

Supply Chain Criticality

  • Ambient Delivery: Coolant packs are typically delivered to operational and logistics teams at ambient temperature.
  • Preparation Time: Teams must allow adequate time for freezing or conditioning coolant packs to the required temperature before packing and shipping. Failure to do so can compromise the effectiveness of temperature-critical pharmaceuticals.


Logistics and operations teams should be well-informed about freezing times for coolant packs. By factoring this critical information into their processes, they can ensure the safe and efficient distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Remember to run tests in your specific environment to establish accurate freezing times. Topa Thermal’s guide provides valuable insights, but real-world conditions may vary.


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