Topa Thermal is honoured to participate in this year’s BSMA Europe in Brussels from October 19-20, 2023.

BSMA is a global organization that fosters innovation and adoption of disruptive technologies within the end-to-end supply chain of the Life Sciences industry. It supports continuous learning and improvement of bio supply management professionals in the biotech, biopharma and biomedical device industries, and the enhancement of the efficacy of the supply chain of the industry.

Topa Thermal’s pre-qualified and custom-qualified thermal packaging solutions are designed with know-how and precision to tackle the most demanding distribution challenges encountered by the Life Sciences sector when transporting temperature-sensitive vaccines, medicines, transplant materials, and medical trial products across the globe.

Our thermal packaging specialists, Maarten Kleverlaan and Marcel Elverding, look forward to discussing the crucial role of the cold chain to preserve biopharma product integrity and exploring how our tailored solutions and services can help in the advancement of the Life Sciences industry.