There’s never a dull moment for Sarah Knights, Topa Thermal’s Marketing Coordinator. Sarah’s work involves all aspects of marketing – and it’s always different from one day to the next.

Sarah cut her marketing and pr teeth in manufacturing and has also worked in sectors including education, charity, food as well as office services. Joining Topa Thermal in 2021 she was impressed with the Topa principle of working. “Topa is like one big family with a great team ethic. Everyone helps each other to achieve the same goal.”

She also values working for a company that protects precious and often life-saving, thermally-sensitive medicines and vaccines to ensure they arrive safely, wherever they are delivered, all around the world.

When she’s at home, Sarah likes nothing more than walking the dogs in the countryside, cooking for family and spending musical evenings with friends.

“Nothing really gets me down – I’m definitely a glass-half-full kind of person. An optimist with a can-do attitude.”

My Favourite Innovator

Florence Nightingale – Famous as the ‘Lady of the Lamp’ nursing sick and wounded soldiers during the Crimean War (and I’m told she’s an ancestor of mine!). She was a true innovator of her time, dedicated to improving hygiene, preventing disease and providing care to people from all backgrounds.

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