Topa Thermal, a renowned global leader in thermal packaging solutions, is thrilled to announce its active participation in the upcoming Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2024. This prestigious event will be held in Brussels from May 14th to 16th, 2024. Visit us at Booth 11, where we’ll showcase our cutting-edge °Connex thermal packaging solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of the clinical trial industry.

Our comprehensive range of pre-qualified and customised °Connex thermal packaging solutions are specially designed to optimise clinical trial cold chain logistics, minimising waste and maximising efficiency.

°Connex Thermal Packaging Enhances Clinical Trial Shipping Efficiency

Consistency of Performance:

°Connex ensures consistent performance across a wide range of package sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a small vial or a large shipment, °Connex maintains the required temperature range consistently.

Temperature Control for Dual Efficacy of Drug & Trial:

Clinical trials demand protection not only for the trial product but also for the efficacy of the trial itself. °Connex thermal packaging safeguards both, preserving temperature-sensitive clinical trial products during transit and ensuring reliable data and accurate results for each trial phase.

°Connex GEO: Cost-Effectiveness, Flexibility, and Choice:

With more than 250 pre-qualified solutions, our °Connex GEO range offers the widest choice of pre-qualified thermal packaging, providing flexibility and ensuring companies can adapt and fulfil differing trial requirements efficiently.

“Our company’s entire range of packaging systems, spanning from parcel to pallet and including pallet-accepting solutions, is fully modular and meticulously designed for warehouse and distribution optimisation. This approach ensures a perfect fit for the pallet and optimal protection for the products,” explained Jacques le Comte, Business Development Manager at Topa Thermal.

Simplicity and Ease of Use:

°Connex GEO’s modular design simplifies the packing process, ensuring ease of use even in complex scenarios. This is particularly important when packing teams are managing different clinical trials concurrently. Topa Thermal also provides clear documentation, packing instructions, qualification data, simple pack-out processes, training, and customer support to further enhance efficiency.

°Connex ECO: Sustainable Commitment

Topa Thermal’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the °Connex thermal packaging range. A noteworthy example is °Connex ECO, our recently launched zero-waste thermal packaging. By using new rigid-wall bio-based cellulose technology, it combines thermal efficiency with easy recyclability.

°Connex ECO is recognised as a significant step forward for sustainable clinical trial delivery, offering a completely curbside recyclable thermal container for end-users, doctors, and patients while maintaining product efficacy throughout the distribution process.

Book a meeting with our Topa Thermal Team at CTS 2024 to discover how to optimise your clinical trial cold chain logistics, minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

Meet Topa Thermal’s Thermal Packaging Experts at Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2024:

Connex ECO Zero waste thermal packaging

About Topa Thermal

Topa Thermal is a trusted partner to pharmaceutical and distribution companies worldwide. Our advanced packaging solutions ensure the safe transport of temperature-sensitive products, maintaining efficacy and patient safety. With a commitment to excellence, we continue to redefine the boundaries of thermal packaging.

About CTS 2024

The Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2024 is a significant event in the pharmaceutical industry. It brings together professionals from various seniority levels in the clinical trial supply field.

The forum explores how decentralized and direct-to-patient clinical trials will continue to evolve. It also delves into the impact of supply chain automation and AI on possibilities and operations. Additionally, discussions focus on driving down environmental impacts while ensuring patient needs are met.

Participants can expect to learn about building a patient-centric clinical trial supply chain, executing decentralized and direct-to-patient trials successfully, leveraging automation and AI, streamlining logistical processes, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

The Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2024 will take place from May 14 to 16, 2024, in Brussels, Belgium.

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